Basics To Cooking

In this cook book, Chef Hidalgo will take you step by step. Through the basics of cooking Mexican dishes from scratch.

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Authentic Mexican Mole

Mole, there is one singular state in the country of Mexico. That is well know for their Moles, Puebla. There are more than 37 flavors of Mole, but only a hand full are traditional. Join Chef Hidalgo, as he takes you on this journey into making Traditional Moles.

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Tamales are a very special dish to the Mexican people. Tamales are usually made during the Christmas and Three Kings Holidays.

Making Tamales is becoming a lost art. Due to the fact that making them is a long and arduous process. Many families have resorted to purchasing them. From local families that are far and in between.

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Cooking Online with Chef Hidalgo

Currently, I am creating an online course for those individuals that wish to learn “How To Cook Mexican Cuisine Online”.


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